Restoration Status



Tom Chaisson painted the building carefully sealing up any places that could be vulnerable to water damage. Tom also flashed the chimney, further protect the building.



Our historic structure report has been completed by Jones Whitsett Architects.  The report includes a history of the building with many pictures, a discussion of present conditions, and a plan for work to be done for future use of the building. It is a long report so it is set up for viewing or downloading here:

We are excited to have this report in hand as it is one requirement to apply for state grants.


2013 was an exciting year as we watched the windows removed, restored and replaced and celebrated this milestone with a dedication ceremony at Old Home Day honoring many local families. As we look forward to 2014, our first mission is to raise the funds needed for a Historic Structures Report. This will provide a detailed picture of the needs of the building and a plan for future improvements.

After reviewing several proposals, Friends of the Wendell Meeting house has selected Margo Jones Architects of Greenfield to prepare this report which will also provide documentation for grants.  Jones also worked with the town on the library and town office building. In her proposal Jones says that experience gives her team “a deep understanding of the architectural and environmental context of the Meetinghouse.” The team will include Robert Leet, P.E. of Wendell, Stephen Greenwald of, of Renaissance Builders, and Lindgren Sharples, P.C. consulting engineers, all of whom are skilled at historic preservation.

The required components include CAD plans, exterior elevations, survey documentation, photographic documentation, a structural assessment, proposed use assessment & building code analysis, mechanical/electrical assessment, contractibility review and cost estimates and an outline of plans and specifications, according to Jones’ proposal. In addition to the required components, we may also include an energy assessment and sketch plans for reuse ideas, including the potential for an accessible entry and required toilets. To see a copy of the proposal click here. 

The windows on the North and East sides of the building were restored by Hayward Painting and Restoration, a Greenfield based company that specializes in antique and historic buildings, completing the windows restoration project that began at the end of 2012. This work was done following the same guidelines that were used to restore the windows on the West faces of the building in 2012.

New doors were built and installed by Power and Company Builders of Bernardston to replace the existing doors which were in rough shape. The doors are made of Douglas Fir using full mortise and tenon construction in a style similar to the old doors with the same panel patterns.

All the window sills on the building were painted by Tom Chaisson of Wendell who donated his time and materials.


Repairs were made to the belfry including replacement of the roof, damaged wood and siding, as well as pest proofing and paint. The work was done by Tom Chaisson of Wendell and funded by Paul and Melinda Godfrey.

The windows on the South and West sides of the building were restored by Hayward Painting and Restoration. The windows are surrounded by small amber colored panes which were replaced as needed. Antique “wavy glass” donated by Adrian Montagano and Thomas Mann lumber which replaced the “hammered glass” in the large windows on the West face of the building to allow a clear view of the commons.  The project was funded by families from around town.

Structural report completed by Wendell resident Bob Leet in order to satisfy the requirements for acquiring insurance. Leet found the building to be structurally safe and noted several areas where repairs are needed.


Inspection of roof and Interior clean up including removal of water damaged ceiling tiles, carpet, vinyl, plaster, furniture, and miscellaneous debris  were completed by Tom Chaisson of Wendell. Work was funded by several local fundraisers.

Broken window panes were replaced for the winter by Ethan Froeble of Easthampton.

Scaffolding was removed from the building by Tom Chaisson and a partially built steeple was dismantled by volunteers.


All repairs to the building since 2011 were overseen by Project Manager Jerry Barilla. Thank-you Jerry!!

For repairs to the building prior to 2011 please see older newsletters.  A preliminary conditions analysis of the building with recommendations for repairs was prepared by Jerry Eide and Molly Kaynor in 2000 before FWM acquired the building.  Click here to view a copy of this report.